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Meetings Held on the Second Thursday of Every Month, 7:30pm @ Duke's Ale House

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Howdy! Welcome to the site of the first homebrew club in McHenry County, Illinois (that's about 50 miles northwest of Chicago for all you city folk).

The Midnight Carboys is made up of a bunch of guys (and a couple of gals) who are pretty much obsessed with making the best damn beer ever to come out of a bathtub. Eh...actually, we prefer brewing in the kitchen or the great outdoors, but hey?you work with what you've got.

Make no mistake about it though?we're serious about this hobby-to-beat-all-hobbies, and we treat it with the respect it deserves. We're also big fans of sharing. That's why we get together once a month to talk shop and crack open a few. Sound like a good time? You don't know the half of it! But, hopefully, you will very soon...

Whether you have a mild curiosity about this crazy thing called "homebrewing" or are a seasoned backyard brewmeister, if you live in the far northwest suburbs, we've got a seat waiting for you.

Look for us on the 2nd floor of Duke's Ale House in downtown Crystal Lake on the 2nd Thursday of any month. Throw three to four bottles (36-48 oz.) from your latest batch in a cooler for sampling and shoot for 7:30. If you're fresh out of homebrew or haven't gotten started yet, don't sweat it. Well-made, store-bought beer will do in a pinch, but the truth is, there's plenty of the good stuff to go 'round.


          The Midnight Carboys

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